Useful Links

Other Refugee Organisations

(Note that many of these pages provide more exhaustive lists of links)

Barbed Wire Britain
National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns
Le collectif contre les expulsions (in French)
United Nations High Commission on Refugees
European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE)
Refugee Council Home Page
Amnesty International On-Line
Refugees and homeless in UK - resources
GreenNet Home Page
Sans papier
Electronic Immigration Network
UNITED for Intercultural Action
Immigration Advisory Service
London Asylum Seeker Consortium
Sans-papier de Pajol (in French)
Kater - Italian webmagazine.
Campaign Against Racism and Fascism
Immigration Index
Immigration News - Daily immigration news service.

Home Office Immigration and Nationality Directorate
The Group 4 homepage

Articles about Campsfield or detention of asylum-seekers

Home Office Press Release about overhaul of asylum system
Guardian article on one of Campsfield Nine, 3.7.98
Article by director of JCWI in Guardian, 23.6.98
Labour Left Briefing article on Campsfield Nine trial
Liberal Democrat Press Release following Ramsbotham report
Oneworld on-line report on November's demonstration
Amnesty International report on detentions
LM 67 : Hunger strikes at Campsfield
Two-Ten Communications report on rooftop protest
Statement by Home Office minister concerning rooftop protest (mostly lies)
Cell Culture: a survey by Amnesty International

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